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Really.. you gotta be kidding me.

What the hell.. really this world has come to a 20  or 24 year old walking into a k-4 grade school.. and shoot 26 people.. 18 of them being kindergarten children.. and then the guy kills him self.. >.> People need serious help..
Who the fuck kills children?! 
I mean how in the hell.. does that in your mind its okay to kill children who havent done shit to you..
and then fucking kill your self?!
Just fucking kill your self.. why ruin other peoples lives and take other peoples children, fathers, mothers or even grandmothers.. 
This is fucking bull shit.. 
26 people… dead and now people are scared and some dont even know if its their children.. 
I just wow.. >.>
words are taken from me.. because I just hope the parents and the family who has lost their family members who were effected in this..
dont have too of a hard time and get through this horrible moment..
they will be in our prays!

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